Typical Solutions

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Dual-Network and Dual-Platform Solution

“Internet+” Solution

City DataLake Infrastructure PPP Project

"Xueliang Project" Solution

Old Friend: Intelligent Senior Care and Health Service Platform

Solution for Full-deduction Education and Verification Education of Illegal Deduction of Motor Vehicle Drivers

Solution for Smart Transportation Big Data

Collaborative Management Solution for Road Network Operation

Integrated Operation Coordination and Emergency Command Solution of Traffic (TOCC)

ERI Solution

Intelligence-command-service Integration Combat Platform

Governmental Senior Care Informatization Solution

Solution for Traffic Safety Publicity and Education Base

Police Data Cube Big Data Application Solution

Solution for Safety and Smoothness and Emergency Response of Highway and Waterway Traffic

Comprehensive Solution for Urban Traffic Congestion

Offline Standardized Senior Care Service System

OPTMAG Video Cloud Platform

Solution for Sharing & Exchange and Decision Analysis of Traffic Big Data

Solution to the Urban Intelligent Public Transportation

Senior Care Professionals Training System

Big Data Platform of Police Affairs

Urban Intelligent Parking Solution

Operation & Maintenance Service Solution

Solution for Urban Traffic Monitoring and Evaluation

ICV Solution

Solution for Urban Rail Transit

Chexingyun Big Data Solution

Smart Airport Solution

Traffic Signal Control Solution

Solution to Monitoring Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in Urban Transportation

Overseas Solution

VR Experience

Blu-ray & HDD Integrated Storage System

Technical Support:SP
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